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Alligator pictures – Alligators are some of the most fascinating animals that you can ever look at. Scary as though they are, alligators also have their own attractive features. For example, they have unique eyes and eye brows which you can never find on any animal. Having existed in prehistoric times, these animals possess many features that can be traced back to the Oligocene epoch which took place more than 35 million years ago. In general, alligators are the last animals you may want to come across. They are some of the most dangerous reptiles present on earth today. This can be attributed to the power that they possess. Using the tail, they can pull any animal or human being into the water.
Two types of alligators can be identified. There is a Chinese and American alligator. The American kind is larger and longer possessing a weight and length of 360 kg and 4 meters respectively. In the case of the Chinese kind, it has a weight of only 45 kg and a length of 2.1 meters. The life span of an alligator is yet to be known. Currently, a 76 year old alligator is the oldest captive alligator alive.
Generally, alligators are native animals of the United States and china. This explains why only two kinds can be identified. Most of the American alligators can be found in the south eastern region with Louisiana as the main stronghold in as far as alligator population is concerned. Both the Chinese and American alligators live in fresh water, wet lands, marshes and even swamps among other wetlands.
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