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Aquarium fish public domain pictures – Aquarium fish refers to fish that can easily be kept in a fish tank. An aquarium is generally a tank where animals or plants are kept. When such a tank or transparent enclosure is used for keeping fish it is referred to as a fish aquarium. Certain species of fish can be kept in an aquarium for exhibitions or for purposes of studying more about them. Domestically, aquarium fish can be pets. They can be kept as normal pets confined to a specific habitat.
Aquarium fish cannot survive in harsh habitats. For this reason, all aquariums must be maintained if the fish is to thrive. A good aquarium is supposed to have enough pond plants. The pond plants are often required to supply oxygen to the aquarium. Fish and other aquatic living organisms need oxygen to respire. If some of the pond plants are green, exposure to sunlight is appropriate to facilitate the production of oxygen during photosynthesis.
For the fish in any aquarium to survive, it must receive enough food. The food does not only need to be plentiful in supply, but it has to be as healthy as possible. Just like humans need a balanced diet for them to survive, aquarium fish also needs a balanced diet for it to remain in good shape. Otherwise, the fish may die sooner than it was brought into the aquarium. On the other hand, the fish tank has to be cleaned on a frequent basis. In most cases, water is changed after a certain period of time. Sometimes it is just filtered after a certain period of time has elapsed.
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Aquarium fish pictures

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