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Bear public domain pictures – A bear is any mammal whose body is stocky in nature, has dense fur and very powerful limbs along with a stumpy tail. They are not natives of all the lands across the globe. Rather, they are native to the north and South American regions. There are also some bears which are found in Asia and Europe. Their habitats vary and often depend on the nature of the region in which they are resident. There are certain bears that reside in mountainous regions and those which reside in forests and arctic regions. The physical appearance also varies depending on their region of residence. Some bears have thicker coats, while others have thinner coats depending on the climate of their region of residence.
There are eight known species of bears. Scientists who study animals have been able to come up with these species based on a few notable variations among the bears. The eight species of bears are; the giant panda, the polar bear, the American black bear, the sun bear, the brown bear, the sloth bear, Asiatic bear and the spectacled bear. Apart from the sun bear and the spectacle bear which live in the southern region of the equator, the rest of the species of the bears named above live north of the equator. The polar bear lives in very cold regions in the Arctic.
Although bears have a similar anatomy, their diet is not the same. They also show variations in size and habitat. For example, the sun bear lives in the Asian forests and ingests insects and small animals. On the other hand, polar bears feed on seals and live in frozen Arctic regions.
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