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Beetle public domain pictures – A beetle is an insect belonging to the Coleopatera order. This is the largest group of animals to have ever lived on earth. They actually account for more than one third of the entire insect population and a quarter of the entire animal population. This makes them the most abundant animals on earth. Scientists have come to a conclusion that the total number of species of beetles is not yet complete. As a matter of fact, it still remains impossible to come up with an estimate of the number of species of beetles that may be present on earth today. Today, about 350, 000 species of beetles are known. But experts suggest that there could be more than 8 million of beetles in total. They have a variety of colours, shapes and body sizes.
Beetles are found all over the world. Being the largest group of animals alive today, they can be found in all parts of the world including deserts and mountainous regions. However, they cannot be found living in oceans or the Arctic regions and Antarctica which are extremely cold. Some beetles live completely on land, while others live partly or completely in water depending on their diet.
The diets of beetles vary significantly. A huge fraction of beetles feed on plants, with each type of beetles favoring a specific species of plants. There are also beetles which depend on dead matter. This kind feeds on dead animals and plants.
The body sizes and shapes vary from one subgroup of beetles to another. There are beetles with very large bodies and those with very small bodies. The skeleton is mainly exoskeleton because it occurs outside the body. But, it provides optimum support just as the internal skeleton does.
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