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Bird public domain pictures – Birds belong to a group of animals that have a back bone. Such animals are named on the basis of the spinal column that they possess. The common name that is used to refer to such animals is vertebrate. Fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles are also called vertebrates depending on whether they have a spinal column or not. There are numerous characteristics that birds share with other animals. For example, all birds are warm blooded. This means that their temperature does not change with the surrounding. It remains constant regardless of the temperature changes that are taking place outside its body. Birds also share certain characteristics with reptiles. A common characteristic that they share with reptiles is being able to reproduce using eggs.
All birds lay eggs and hatch them for purposes of reproduction. However, the gestation period differs from one bird type to another. A practical example is a song bird whose gestation period lasts for only a few days, while kiwis may have a gestation period lasting more than 80 days. The number of eggs laid for every breeding season also varies. Some birds may only lay 15 eggs, while others may lay more than 50 eggs. The mating seasons also vary. Some birds may reproduce throughout the year, while others may require a single season to reproduce. Most female birds also need a single mate for purposes of reproduction. But, some may need more than one.
There is no specific habitat for birds. You can find birds in literally any location across the globe. But, different bird species have got different habitats. For instance, the secretary bird lives in the savannah and desert regions.
Birds are marvelous to observe. You can download a variety of high quality wallpapers of birds for free. The pictures are in HD and they were taken by highly qualified photographers.

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