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Butterfly public domain pictures – Butterflies are insects with four wings. They are covered in tiny scales which are shingle-like in nature. Their mouth parts are quite distinguished from the rest of the insects due to the fact that they form a hollow drinking straw which is tube like in nature. This distinguished mouth part often enables insects to feed on the nectar that is found in most flowers. In general, butterflies share most of their features with moths. However, they differ in the nature of their antennae. While butterflies have knobs on the tips of their antennae, moths do not. Butterflies and moths also differ in the time of the day when they are very active. Most moths prefer to fly at night, while butterflies prefer to fly during the day.
Like all insects, butterflies have an exoskeleton for the general support and protection of the rest of the body. They have a body which is chiefly divided into three major parts; the head, the thorax and the abdomen. Their legs are six in number. However, they are disjointed. In principle, the butterflies have a total of three pairs of legs. They have got a brain which lies inside the head. The sensory organs also form part of the head although they are located on the outside. On the surface of the head, there are large compound eyes which are only able to observe a single clear image. Instead of seeing white light, butterflies are only able to perceive ultraviolet light.
Butterflies have a somewhat fixed diet which mainly constitutes nectar from flowers and certain types of sugars. For example, they may feed on the sap that is found on wounded trees, sweet fluids from specific vines and rotting fruit. Sometimes they may feed on dead animals for purposes of acquiring extra nutrients.
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