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From Kittens to cool cats, all free domain. All images are in high quality. – The cat family is a group of carnivorous animals that are skilled prey killers. They are highly modified for killing all kinds of prey. As such, they are often referred to as animals of prey. The domestic cat belongs to this family of animals whose bodies, skills and intelligence is highly developed for killing all kinds of prey. However, it is naturally able to kill mice and most snakes. In most cases, this is its domestic purpose. A good number of householders are more than willing to buy a cat for this purpose. But, there are many cats that are used as household pets. Such cats do not have skills for taking out prey. Rather, they spend most of their time playing with their masters. However, they still possess most of the physical features that all cat family members possess. For example, they possess claws and a highly developed sense of smell along with an excellent ability to view in the dark.
After ten months of growth, a cat is likely to have reached puberty. Generally, most cats become ready for reproduction between the ages of nine and ten months. Sexually mature female cats often enter into heat on many occasions within a single year. During this period, the female cat is attracted to males and also becomes receptive to males. After mating, a female cat is expected to deliver after a total of 65 days. On average, a female cat can deliver up to 4 kittens in a single birth. Weaning often occurs after a total of 6 six weeks or a little less than this.
The number of domestic cat breeds is 40. Their weight often ranges between 2 and 9 kg for the smallest and largest breeds respectively.
You can download wallpapers showing cats of various kinds, for free. The images were captured by highly qualified and experienced photographers.

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