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Here we have some great free domain pictures of dogs of all kinds, in great quality. – A dog is a mammal known for its fond relations with man. It is said to be the first animal to have been domesticated by man. Dogs help man to achieve a number of goals including security and rescue operations. They are also useful pets which have been with man for many years. All domestic dogs belong to the dog family which includes wolves, jackals, coyotes and foxes. They all possess similar characteristics in as far as physical features are concerned. However, they vary in size and hunting abilities. They also show extensive variation in coat colour, general behaviour and coat thickness.
Domestic dogs all vary in appearance. In particular, their sizes are often different. Generally, they show extensive variation in size and coat colour. They also vary in weight and ear shape. In some cases, they may also exhibit a great measure of variety in the shape of the mouth. Some dogs have protruding mouths like the bull dog, while others have got mouths which are confined to the body’s skeleton. The thicknesses of the coats also vary. Domestic dogs which are resident in extremely cold regions have thicker coats compared to their counterparts whose habitat is in the tropics.
All domestic dogs have the same anatomy constituting up to 321 bones. There are a few variations in the distribution of bones. For example, the bones in the tail of a domestic animal may be different depending on the type of domestic dog involved. Dogs have got 42 permanent teeth in their dentition, with exactly 28 teeth as the dentition for puppies.
Dogs become sexually mature after the age of 5 months, particularly the sixth month. Bitches are often on heat twice a year for a period lasting up to 12 days. After conception, a dog’s gestation period lasts for a total of 63 days.
You can download a good number of high quality pictures showing dogs of various kinds. The pictures are in high definition and they were captured by highly exceptional photograph.

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