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Here we have some high quality pictures of Dolphins. – A dolphin is an aquatic mammal which belongs to the Cetacea order of animals. This order of animals also includes whales as well as porpoises. Dolphins are fast swimming aquatic animals which are found in oceans. They are characterised by a long snout constituting a line of teeth spread across most of the length. Their foreheads are rounded and their teeth are very sharp. In general, 40 species of dolphins are known to be in existence today. Despite resembling fish in most ways, dolphins are true mammals. As such, they are warm-blooded and they have mammalian glands. This means that they feed their young ones on milk before weaning occurs. Porpoises possess blunt snouts, teeth which are shaped like a chisel and a body which is stouter than any dolphin. Otherwise, they have similar characteristics.
Dolphins are quite social in nature and often move in herds whose size ranges between 2 and 5. However, some dolphins have larger herds constituting between 10 and 20 members. In particular, the bottlenose dolphin exhibits this unique character. On the other hand, the killer whales may move in herds with a membership size ranging between 8 and 50. Dolphins have a characteristic of caring for one another. When one member of a herd is injured, they may charge against any foreign animal that comes too close. Sometimes they may even charge against ships or boats that may come too close.
The diet for dolphins is mainly fish and squid. Some dolphin species also eat other mammalian animals such as sharks. For example, killer whales feed on birds and other large mammals.
Dolphins mate after courting extensively. Once the female dolphins have conceived, they are able to give birth after 16 months. Generally, the gestation period lasts between 12 and 16 months giving rise to a single calf.
You can download high quality HD pictures of dolphins, for free. The pictures were captured by highly experienced photographers.

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